Morocco Motorcycle Trip Report - Day 13

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The weather was still a bit wet, but we had a ferry to catch so we set off for Bilbao. At least it wasn't raining as fiercely as it did the day before and it wasn't as cold either.

Here we stopped for a break and Locky took a quick photo on his phone:

Rest stop

Next stop was at the ferry port, there were a lot of bikes in the queue and we found 2 blokes on Ténérés who also just came up from Morocco and had a bit of a chin wag, as you do.

Lots of bikes at ferry port

This was going to be our boat out:

Our ferry boat

While boarding we had a nice surprise: we bumped into a local "celebrity" and arranged to meet up with him in the lounge after stashing our gear, showering and getting into clean, comfy clothes. I was starving so I got myself a sandwich and found a nice spot to sit and eat. Locky found the sign on the wall behind my chosen spot very amusing.

Kid's Corner

Not long after our "celebrity" arrived: Enduro Alexis! Obviously we had to pose for a group picture at this point, makes me smile each time I see it!

Posing with Enduro Alexis

We had another good chin wag with Alexis about all manner of things.

It was noticeable how empty the lounge area was getting as the sea was getting rougher. People were all returning to their cabins to have a lie down and we thought it'd be a good idea to follow suit. On the way to the cabin the ghastly smell of puke wafted through the corridors, this doesn't help at all when you're already feeling a little queasy yourself... I took some more seasick tablets and had a lie down, we listened to some music and talked about whatever came up. Then it was time to put ear plugs in and sleep.

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