Morocco Motorcycle Trip Report - Day 14

Friday, 10 October 2014

It was a rough journey, but we arrived safely to the UK. We had some breakfast, packed up and, once docked, disembarked and went through customs.

In the customs queue, the last view we had of our boat:

Last view of ferry boat

Right after going through customs I stopped and topped up the oil. We found a petrol station and fuelled up and then set off for home. Other than having to stop a few times to check/top up the oil it was just a slightly wet and uneventful ride back. We stopped for lunch and to compare the tyres on the bikes before setting off in our own directions for home.

When I arrived home I parked the Strom and, as it turns out, that was the last time I ever rode it. It's now SORNed and being broken and sold for parts. You could say the Strom has served it's purpose for many years, as a commuter, as a fun B-road bomber, as a overly heavy off road bike, as a tourer in Europe, as an adventurer in Africa. It's gone out on a high and I'll always remember the good times it's given me and the astounding reliability I've had from it. (EDIT: in the end, a friend of mine, Mad Phil, bought the Strom and fixed it up. The Strom lives on!)

This is one of the fondest memories I'll keep of the Strom: Parked up next to Locky's at a well, in a desert in the middle of nowhere in Morocco, on a very hot day, with me resting in the tiny bit of shade I could find and the Strom not complaining at about all the punishment I've ever put it through.

Fond memory