Morocco Motorcycle Trip Report - Day 8

Saturday, 4 October 2014

We slept well and had a good breakfast before we set off for the day.

Breakfast table

This was more or less our halfway mark and we decided it would be a laundry day for us. This meant that we'd do less riding today, really just a 'short' trip on road up through Amellagou and Rich to get to Midelt. After our previous experience staying at Kasbah Asmaa we wanted to stay in a different hotel. We remembered that there was a big hotel on the north side of the town called Hotel Taddart so we'd go there. The weather was great and we had a good ride with a few stops for a rest on the way.

Rest stop

We were surprised that the hotel was less expensive than it looked and that the rooms were quite nice. It was huge inside with very high ceilings, a nice looking building and definitely a bit more modern looking than some even though it still has the mud and straw finish we were now quite used to.

Hotel Taddart

We arrived early afternoon, booked in and set about washing our laundry. Locky just had to take a picture of me doing the dirty! Those Knox knee guards sure came in handy too!

Juvecu doing laundry

We used some rope we had to string up a washing line and hung all the clothes up on that and everywhere else that we could find a place for them.

Washing line

I see you, Juvecu

I see you, Locky

Locky found my neatly arranged socks particularly amusing...

Juvecu's neatly arranged socks

We then started on some Jim Beam Red Stag that Locky had packed, obviously for relaxation purposes. After this had our evening meal, as uninspiring as we've come to expect from most hotels, but at least they had beer so we had some of that.

The front doors of the hotel were plastered with stickers from all over so we decided to add a few of our own (see if you can spot them.)

Find our stickers

OK, OK! I'll make it easier, shees!

Our stickers

We sat around in the lounging area drinking beer and heard a bunch of off road sounding bikes arrive. Turns out they were a group of fire fighters from Spain and they come to Morocco quite often. They were going to do a fairly well known loop ride in the area tomorrow, it's known as Cirque de Jaffar, google it and you'll find lots of videos.

So a rather uneventful day, but a good resting day and someone has to do the laundry...

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